PROVYS Testimonials

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    “If they gave Oscars for media management, I'd nominate PROVYS“
    Jolana Dvorakova
    Deputy Director, College of Media and Journalism
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    “It does exactly what it says on the can: a great rights management, scheduling and traffic tool. Well done PROVYS!“
    Andreea Buga
    VP Operations, AMC International (UK)
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    "Provys have great consultants to guide and support clients through software implementation and data snagging."
    Brad Cole
    Senior Associate at Posterity~Milestone
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    "Provys is perfectly logical. I love it."
    Martina Novakova
    Former Commercial Team Leader, Czech Radio
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    “PROVYS guys always understand what is important and why“
    Kjell Ove Skarsbø
    Chief Technology Architect, TV 2 Norway
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    “I am in love with PROVYS“
    Hana Vidimska
    Media Library Manager, Czech TV
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    “PROVYS guys are always pushing the boundaries“
    Dorothy Donnan
    Head of Al Arabiya News Archives
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    "My enormous thanks to all the Provys team for their work and commitment to ambitious and challenging projects"
    Jonathan Crofts
    Ravensbeck - The Media Industry Experts
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    "PROVYS listened to what we needed as a business and offered us a tailored solution. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional team."
    Anna Robinson
    Head of Operations, Viasat World
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    “PROVYS helps us become more efficient"
    Hege Finstad
    Head of Sales Planning, TV 2 Norway
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    “PROVYS is the air that we breathe in our company"
    Lukasz Wojcik-Krol
    IT Manager, POLSAT
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    To sell something, you must first believe in it. Provys is excellent because they believed they could effectively help their customers. And they did !!!"
    Katerina Zika
    Head of Software Development, Star Channel