PROVYS Testimonials

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    “If they gave Oscars for media management, I'd nominate PROVYS“
    Jolana Dvorakova
    Deputy Director, College of Media and Journalism
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    “It does exactly what it says on the can: a great rights management, scheduling and traffic tool. Well done PROVYS!“
    Andreea Buga
    VP Operations, AMC International (UK)
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    "Provys is perfectly logical. I love it."
    Martina Novakova
    Commercial Team Leader, Czech Radio
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    “PROVYS guys always understand what is important and why“
    Kjell Ove Skarsbø
    Chief Technology Architect, TV 2 Norway
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    “I am in love with PROVYS“
    Hana Vidimska
    Media Library Manager, Czech TV
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    “PROVYS guys are always pushing the boundaries“
    Dorothy Donnan
    Head of Al Arabiya News Archives
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    “PROVYS helps us become more efficient"
    Hege Finstad
    Head of Sales Planning, TV 2 Norway
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    “PROVYS is the air that we breathe in our company"
    Lukasz Wojcik-Krol
    IT Manager, POLSAT