PROVYS Modules



- Production project planning
- Efficient resource deployment
- Detailed internal cost tracking


Resource Management, Studio Timeline, Resource Dispatching

   Production capacity planning and resource allocation

PROVYS production planning tool provides all functions necessary to prepare a detailed production plan (manually and/or using production project templates) with complete capacity utilisation information. The production management is provided with complete information on the resource availability as well as on the expected production cost following flexible costing and cancellation schemas.

   Production resource management and dispatching

PROVYS production resource management supports the resource managers and dispatchers with information on the resource categorisation, location, dispatcher’s contacts, and resource availability, utilising production and resource-rental contracts. The resources can be dispatched directly for the individual projects or through a shift management support. The resource managers and dispatchers are provided with complete graphical information on the resource utilisation and availability.

   Production resource usage reporting and real-cost evaluation

PROVYS supports complete production operations and resource utilisation reporting applying multiple unit pricing schemas and resource cancellation schemas. All resources and operations utilised during a production activity can be reported by a production manager and confirmed by a resource manager. Reported costs can then be compared with the production plan as well as downloaded to a financial software providing functions for inter-departmental financial accounting. External resource utilisation can also be reported to external resources and received invoices can be matched to the resource utilisation reports.

“We want producers to work within a stress-free environment and to have all resources under control”