PROVYS Stream-Circle Awarded World Prize for Innovation


Following on from its recent successes, the PROVYS team returned from NAB with yet another blockbusting innovation which scooped first prize in the Service category of the IABM Game Changer Awards.
And what was this PROVYS blockbuster? No less than Stream-Circle, the ingenious yet simple innovation designed to blend the best from linear broadcasting, streaming and social media.

Stream-Circle is a cloud service for companies or organisations to broadcast video content online in a scheduled manner. This perfect and inexpensive solution allows TV operators to increase the number of channels, corporations to run their own TV, or store chains to deliver advertisements from one point. It greatly helps film distributors, universities, sport clubs, associations, churches or unions to communicate more effectively with their audience.

Game Changer Awards Ceremony

This pioneering concept consists of the following components: full HD capable video playout and CG automation engine (video stream composition), social-cast planning (play-list editing), content management, internet media streaming, internet social media casting (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), and web browser based control application. Solution users have secure access to their content uploaded in the cloud storage, and to their on line CG playout schedules and playout control. Different streaming delivery platforms such as YouTube can be used. For social media and message distribution, users specify the credentials for the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ services.

The service may be used whenever there is a need to cast media content enriched by CG and social media messages into the internet while keeping control over the content composition, timing, and delivery. Stream-Circle is a smart add-on to standard streaming and VOD services such as YouTube where the viewers must actively search and play the content. The Stream-Circle service builds on top of this concept and gives users control of what will be presented and when to be seen by the viewers. It combines traditional linear broadcast planning with internet delivery at an extremely low cost.

There is a virtually unlimited choice of media that can be streamed. Initially, the media files are uploaded into the secure Stream-Circle automation cloud. The automation software first analyses the media files and returns specific useful metadata. In addition to video clips, it is possible to use a wide range of CG components, such as logos, 3D objects, multiple video panels, overlay graphics (examples in photos), etc. The CG component templates provide for smooth parametrisation and placement into the stream. For 3D graphics, the upload format definitions are provided and it is possible to test them before they appear live on the screen. Up to 4 HD streams can be played at the same time; the number of HD streams played sequentially is not limited.

PROVYS developers were honoured to receive the prestigious Game Changer Award and they are all grateful for this recognition. At the award ceremony, Peter White, IABM Chief Executive, commented: “IABM is dedicated to rewarding innovation and creativity in companies of all sizes. By opening up the awards for entry this year, we have seen an incredibly high standard, and this year’s winners have all distinguished themselves in the significant contributions they have made to the industry as a whole.”