The History of Provys

PROVYS is a division of DCIT Incorporated, a private company owned by members of staff. The company employs more than a hundred people, mostly based at its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. DCIT, the vendor of PROVYS Software, is a well-established company serving broadcasters since 1995. Its solutions have been implemented in renowned TV and radio stations, including national broadcasters, as well as successful commercial stations worldwide.

Currently, PROVYS is the corporate division of DCIT which constitutes around 90% of their operations. For many years, DCIT has grown organically, achieving positive financial results. DCIT has no long-term obligations, debts or hidden investments.

DCIT was established in 1993 as a joint venture of the Norwegian and Czech governments to support the common development of advanced information technologies. In 1994, the joint venture was transformed into a limited liability company owned by Charles University (Czech Republic) and Telenor SA based in Norway. Due to changes in Czech legislation in 1999, both owners privatised their holdings in DCIT.

The first implementation of the PROVYS software solution was completed in 1997 in Czech Television (the Czech national public broadcaster). This first version of PROVYS included programme planning and play-list scheduling, metadata archive, rights management, and media archiving.


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