• Multi-user integrated software solution
  • High level of configurability and personalization
  • Improved security and sensitive data protection
  • Integrated messaging support
  • Seamless integration tools


PROVYS is a multi-user system with centralised database.

PROVYS has a flexible and highly configurable mechanism of user access rights and data protection rules.

PROVYS supports inter-user communication through an internal messaging system with dynamic distribution rules and external gateways to electronic mail systems.

PROVYS offers localisation support functions for all screens and system parameters.

PROVYS applications have a high level of configurability including screen structure, data presentation rules and available actions and function.

PROVYS has a WYSIWYG printing and Microsoft office integration tools for every screen and data collection available in its applications.

PROVYS is ready for integration with other systems in your station like transmission automation, ERP or commercial time sales through open interfaces.


PROVYS helps its users to search data managed by the system through advanced querying and searching tools.

PROVYS and its technologies provide robust environment with high levels of data protection and business continuity.