PROVYS is Helping Broadcasters Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

30 March 2020   #covid19

Picture: COVID-19

PROVYS has been on the broadcast market for 23 years, survived several economic crises and gone through numerous trends. For us at PROVYS, all these years has meant a lot of learning and growing with our customers. We have been there when they achieved success but also during the difficult times too, but we are always ready to tackle new challenges. So in the time of the current COVID-19 crisis, PROVYS is ready to help, offering you professional support and consultancy.
At the same time, we have come up with the following things that can quickly help broadcasters:

Make use of managed services. Now on demand more than ever!

PROVYS understands the implications of this unhappy period full of restrictions on travel and personal contact. We have to react to new needs, new ways of implementation as well as SLAs. Therefore, we have gone to great lengths to offer PROVYS products in the cloud and also made them available as a managed service. This will allow you to reduce the deployment time to a minimum and bring your services to viewers faster than ever. 

Start quickly a new channel with PROVYS Everywhere

Start a new channel quickly, it might even be a web, IPTV or niche TV channel. At present, broadcasters are forced to react to market changes almost on a daily basis. You may want to reach you viewers with monothematic channels devoted to certain topics or age groups. As a bonus, we will be glad to offer you our own software playout solution. If you are looking for a partner that will solve this problem quickly and comprehensively, PROVYS is the one to rely on. 

Reach more viewers with PROVYS OnDemand Bridge

Digital consumption and streaming are seeing rapid growth nowadays. So here is your chance to publish your content online and reach higher audience levels with PROVYS OnDemand Bridge. The product is well suited to help broadcasters in the current crisis with cost-effective non-linear services. It also has a significant impact in terms of cost management, effective use of rights, revenue maximizing and maintaining control over the entire environment of both linear and non-linear broadcasting.